We solicit papers and expressions of interest for presenting, discussing and attending sessions. We anticipate having three to four papers presented each day for each program with assigned discussants and free time for open discussion. There should also be ample time to interact with colleagues and work outside the sessions. The conference will be summarized in the ABFER Research Digest.

Workshop Organization

This workshop will be divided into six (6) programs and will meet for three sessions of 3.5 hours each.

Program 1: International Macroeconomics, Money & Banking Sessions
Program 2: Corporate Finance
Program 3: Investment Finance
Program 4: Economic Transformation of Asia
Program 5: Accounting
Program 6: Real Estate and Urban Economics

Two or three sessions will run in parallel at any one time. Attendees are required to attend only their own track, but are welcome to attend as many other sessions as they choose.

Daily Schedule

8:30 am - 9:00 am


9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop Programs (inclusive of 30 minute coffee break)

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Workshop Programs (inclusive of 30 minute coffee break)

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking & Coffee Break

We anticipate holding a few related events, such as industry round-tables, academia panels and talks by distinguished speakers. There would also be the mentor program which was a very well-received addition last year.

Topics of Interest

International Macroeconomics, Money & Banking

For the program of International Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, we are interested in a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): central banking, exchange rates, financial crises, financial risk management, foreign direct investment, international capital flows, macroeconomic policy, monetary and fiscal policy, prudential regulation, systemic risk and other international macroeconomics and money & banking topics, particularly those of relevance to Asia.

Program Directors:
Takeo Hoshi (Stanford)

Andrew Rose (UC Berkeley)

Conference Organizer:
Beatrice Weder di Mauro (INSEAD)

Giorgio Valente (HKMA)

Corporate Finance

For the program in Corporate Finance, we are interested in all topics relevant to Asian firms, markets, or regulators - even if Asian data are not used. Past years' presentation have explored behavioral corporate finance, business groups, capital investment, capital structure, comparative corporate finance, corporate governance, dividends, financial development, law and finance, mergers and acquisitions, multinationals, ownership structure, tunneling, corporate innovation, and other areas of research.

Program Directors:
Randall Morck (Alberta)

Jun-Koo Kang (NTU)

Conference Organizer:
Angie Low (NTU)

Kasper Nielsen (HKUST)

Yupana Wiwattanakantang (NUS)

Investment Finance

For the program of Investment Finance, we are interested in a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: asset price fluctuations, asset allocation, behavioral finance, financial market microstructure, market efficiency, portfolio management, market timing, sovereign wealth funds, behavior investment finance, and all other investment finance topics relevant to Asia.

Program Directors:
Massimo Massa (INSEAD)

Allaudeen Hameed (NUS)

Conference Organizer:
Roger Loh (SMU)

Wenlan Qian (NUS)

Hong Zhang (Tsinghua)

Economics Transformation of Asia

For the program of Economic Transformation of Asia, We will consider any paper under the general theme of Economic Transformation of Asia. In the past, we formed sessions on trade, rural-urban migration, housing markets, and development policy, which is just a partial list of topics of interest.

Program Directors:
Ping Wang (WUSTL)

Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia)

Conference Organizer:
Davin Chor (NUS)

Michael Song (CUHK)

Investment Finance

For the Accounting program, we are interested in accounting topics including but not limited to: the determinants and consequences of managers’ corporate financial reporting and disclosure decisions; the role of accounting information within organizations, including compensation; external auditing; the role of accounting in corporate governance; the effect of taxes on management decisions; the role of regulation in accounting and auditing practice.  Ideally papers address these issues using data drawn from the Asia Pacific region or having direct relevance for this region.

Program Directors:
Bin Ke (NUS)

Douglas Skinner (Chicago)

Conference Organizer:
Hai Lu (Toronto)

Peter Joos (INSEAD)

Real Estate and Urban Economics

Real Estate is closely intertwined with the disciplines of macro-economics, finance, banking and investment. For the program on Real Estate and Urban Economics, a variety of topics will be considered, which include, but are not limited to: ‘Big data’ in real estate finance, behavioural approaches in real estate, cross-border real estate investments, real estate portfolio management, changing demographics and its impact on real estate finance & investment decisions, housing market and housing affordability, the economics of sustainable living, structure finance and capital market, REIT, real estate risk management, asset price fluctuations and real estate investment management, e-commerce and innovations in the real estate space, etc.

Program Directors:
Yongheng Deng (NUS)

Sheridan Titman (UT Austin)

Conference Organizer:
Tien Foo Sing (NUS)

Electronic Submission

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Paper Submission
Closing Date
15 January 2018
Paper Selection by 15 February 2018
Discussant Selection by 01 March 2018
Schedule Completion by 15 March 2018


  • There will be no conference volume; feel free to submit work that is or will be considered for review/publication elsewhere. Presented papers will be available on the Bureau’s website, and electronically distributed to participants and senior academic fellows. The previous ABFER workshop program and papers remain accessible.
  • The Bureau will reimburse reasonable travel costs as well as lodging expenses for the length of the full workshop, for one author per paper as well as discussants and panelists.
  • We encourage submissions from researchers early in their careers, and from researchers who are not affiliated with the ABFER.
  • We will notify only those who are chosen as presenters, discussants, or panelists.

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