Investing In Asia: Research & Practice


The Investments Roundtable will feature prominent business leaders of traditional and alternative investment management firms in Asia covering investment themes, challenges and opportunities associated with their line of business.

Spanning a range of important research and policy issues relevant to Asia, the roundtable will include discussion on issues such as understanding and predicting markets in the liquid and illiquid space, investment regulations and policies, and portfolio risk management.

In the process, we hope to venture into unexplored areas of interesting research in the financial investments arena, including the significance of existing academic research to investment practice.


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Panelists and Moderator

  • Mr. Danny Yong

    Mr. Danny Yong


    Dymon Asia Capital, Chief Investment Officer & Founding Partner

    Danny Yong is the Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of Dymon Asia Capital. The Firm was founded in 2008 and is an alternative investment management firm with assets under management exceeding USD 4.5 billion across hedge funds and private equity at the start of 2015. The Firm is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Dymon Asia Capital, which is majority owned by Partners, established a strategic partnership with Temasek, a Singapore-based investment company, in May 2014.

    The Firm’s core Fund, Dymon Asia Macro Fund, implements a discretionary global macro strategy with a focus on Asian currencies, fixed income and equity indices. The team is 95 strong with 44 investment professionals. The Investment team consists of 18 portfolio managers with experience averaging 19 years almost exclusively in Asia, ensuring an in-depth knowledge of the idiosyncrasies across Asian markets, including regulations, flows and cultural nuances. Demonstrative of the Firm’s specialty and expertise in the Asian market where more than 85% of the Fund’s historical returns were derived from Asia, the Fund has returned 10% p.a. (net) annualized since inception, including a return of 18.75% in 2014.

    Mr. Danny Yong has over 18 years of experience trading FX, fixed income and index futures in Asia. He was a founding partner and Chief Investment Officer of Abax Global Capital, a hedge fund based in Hong Kong. Danny was also a Managing Director at Citadel Investment Asia in Hong Kong, where he established and ran the Asia Macro trading business from late 2005 to early 2007 for the firm. He was Goldman Sachs’ Head of Trading for South East Asian Derivatives where he spent almost six years in the Hong Kong and Tokyo offices.

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