ABFER Working Papers

3rd ABFER Annual Conference 2015

International Liquidity Shocks, the Real Economy, and Social Unrest: China, 1931-1935

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State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise

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Do Corporate Taxes Hinder Innovation?

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ABFER Research Digest

The Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research is pleased to present its third Digest. This Digest summarizes selected papers presented in the 3rd ABFER Annual Conference 2015.

Inside this issue:

  1. Disguised Corruption: Evidence from Consumer Credit in China
  2. Capital Gains Lock-In and Governance Choices
  3. Political Turnover, Ownership, and Corporate Investment
  4. Learning about the Neighborhood: The Role of Supply Elasticity and Housing Cycles
  5. Guru Dreams and Competition: An Anatomy of the Economics of Blogs
  6. Mandatory Retirement and the Consumption Puzzle: Prices Decline or Quantities Decline?
  7. Are Shorts Equally Informed? A Global Perspective
  8. Do Analysts with Close Ties Improve the Firms’ Information Environment? Evidence from a Relationship-Based Economy

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There are currently no open call for papers.

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