ABFER Working Papers

4th ABFER Annual Conference 2016

Asset Pricing for the Shortfall Averse

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Declining Trends in the Real Interest Rate and Inflation: Role of Aging

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Lender of Last Resort versus Buyer of Last Resort - The Impact of the European Central Bank Actions on the Bank-Sovereign Nexus

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ABFER Research Digest

The Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research is pleased to present its fourth Digest. This Digest summarizes selected papers presented in the ABFER Annual Conference 2016.

Inside this issue:

  1. Cost of Bereavement: How Does Parental Loss Affect Mutual Fund Managers
  2. Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds
  3. To Stay or to Migrate? The One-Child Policy, Land Tenure Arrangements, and Work-based Migration in China
  4. “Just Do Your Job”: Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization
  5. It’s Showtime! Conference Call Participation and Analysts’ Career Outcomes
  6. Creative Destruction, Investor Beliefs and the Evolution of Stock Returns
  7. Inside Brokers

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Call For Papers

The call for paper for ABFER 5th Annual Conference 2017 is now open. Please refer here for more details.

The call for paper for Financial Regulations: Intermediation, Stability and Productivity (I) is now open. Please refer here for more details.

Past Events

Announcement from ABFER Senior Fellows

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Growth and disruption in the banking industry


ABFER Council Member Mr Piyush Gupta discuss what he calls the "cataclysmic disruption" facing the banks and the future growth leaders the industry needs.

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