Call for Papers


The Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research will be holding its 10th Annual Conference on 22-25 May 2023 in Singapore. We now invite submission of high quality papers for the conference, please submit in PDF by completing the form below.

Electronic Submission


Paper Submission Closing Date 15 January 2023
Paper Selection by 15 February 2023
Discussant Selection by 1 March 2023
Schedule Completion by 15 March 2023

Things to Note

  • We encourage submissions from early-career scholars and researchers, and those who are not affiliated with ABFER.
  • Please feel free to submit work which will be considered for review/publication elsewhere.
  • There will be no conference volume.
  • Presented papers will be available on ABFER website and electronically distributed to participants and our Senior Fellows and Fellows.
    • Previous conference programs and presented papers will remain accessible on our website.
  • ABFER will provide a lump sum sponsorship (with cap) for overseas delegates (i.e. one author per paper and discussants) to partly cover their flights and hotel accommodations. Due to the change in Singapore’s withholding tax regulations, the sponsorship will be a lump sum and reimbursement format.
  • Only those who are selected as presenters, discussants, or panellists will be notified.
Draft Event Schedule