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SFF Global Book Launch: "The Resilient Society" by Markus Brunnermeier

10 November 2021, 10:00 am - 10:45 am (SGT)
Format: 45 minutes Panel (Virtual, Live)

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The panel talk "Resilient Society and Asia" is based on the book, "The Resilient Society" by Professor Markus Brunnermeier and the Princeton University Press. COVID-19 has alerted us to a new reality. Individually and as a society, we face new shocks. Resilience is a key concept. It is about the ability to bounce back after a shock, not to withstand shocks like robustness, and not about avoiding any risks. Robustness works until it doesn't. Risk avoidance closes opportunities. Resilience management highlights the dangers of traps, adverse feedback loops, tipping points, and the volatility paradox: not being exposed to some risks worsens the ability to manage shocks. Incorporating resilience in our (global) social contract can improve our public health, the domestic and international macroeconomy, as well as geopolitical tensions.


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