D-DebtCon 2020
China’s Debt and Asia’s Perspective on Sovereign Debt



The ongoing global public health crisis magnifies persistent sovereign debt problems and poses new ones of unprecedented scale and scope. Recognizing the need for creative, research-based solutions, a group of leading academic and policy institutions from around the world will co-host a virtual Distributed Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference—D-DebtCon—in nine countries, spanning five continents, for two weeks in September of 2020.

Each day between September 7 and September 18 will feature academic and policy panels in South Africa, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Singapore, the United States, Barbados, the United Kingdom, and China. Participants will discuss topics such as sovereign debt sustainability and debt vulnerabilities, restructuring architecture, debt transparency, fiscal federalism, resilience against pandemic and climate shocks, financial history, and the particular debt challenges facing countries in Africa and Latin America, as well as China and the European Union.

ABFER, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), INSEAD and National University of Singapore Business School (NUS) will be holding the Singapore segment, China’s Debt and Asia’s Perspective on Sovereign Debt, on 11 September 2020. 



2:15 pm - 2:30 pm
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (8:30 am - 9:30 am in Kiel)
Research Session - China and Debt
Bernard YEUNG, Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor in Finance and Strategic Management, National University of Singapore and President, ABFER

Paper 1: China's Overseas Lending

Sebastian HORN*, University of Munich and Kiel Institute
Carmen M. REINHART, Minos A. Zombanakis Professor of the International Financial System, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Christoph TREBESCH, Head, International Finance and Global Governance and Professor of Macroeconomics, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Paper 2: China’s debt relief actions overseas: patterns, interactions with other creditors and macroeconomic implications

Gatien BON, EconomiX - Université Paris Nanterre
Gong CHENG*, Senior Economist, Monetary and Economic Department, Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bank for International Settlements

Zhiguo HE, Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Policy Panel - Sovereign Debts in ASEAN
Antonio FATAS, Portuguese Council Chaired Professor of European Studies and Professor of Economics, INSEAD)

Alicia GARCÍA HERRERO, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, Natixis

Hoe Ee KHOR, Chief Economist, AMRO

Beatrice WEDER DI MAURO, President, CEPR; Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute of Geneva; Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Academic Fellow, INSEAD

* Presenter. Updated 15 Sep 2020

Hosting Organizers

Bernard Yeung (ABFER and NUS), Beatrice Weder Di Mauro (CEPR) and Antonio Fatas (INSEAD) 



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